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Hello everyone, I just creaetd a website for people with celiac, the site is still under construction but the forums are up and running and I would love to build a nice community within those forums. I am working on building a database with all gluten-free food as well. Check it out at celiacreviews()com with () being the dot of course .

This is not Gluten Free, because they do not guernatae that any menu item is free from gluten. From a person that get very ill from eating any gluten this does not help. I get mad when restaurant clam do be gluten free but can guernatae me that I will not get sick. We need to stop letting claim gluten free when they are not!!

Anytime you purchase a pseoesrcd food item from a grocery store or a chain restaurant, you cannot be guaranteed of the quality of ingredients like gluten-free. They are mass suppliers and usually go by what their ingredient factories put on their labels. Not to mention, if the pizzas are not organic, then many of the ingredients may also be GMO. I still think it's best, gluten free or not, to eat whole foods and cook your own items from scratch at home.

I bought the book and do you know there are no rasuetrants close by. I live in New Berlin N.Y. and I don't like to drive very far because I don't get out much. I think they should have more food available in rasuetrants around here for people with celiac disease, it would be so convenient for people like me to eat out more

Anyone know why distilled vingaer is not gluten free?Also, Silly Yak Bakery (a dedicated gluten free facility) in Madison WI makes awesome bakery goods from breads, rolls, scones, donuts, cookies, pie crusts, pies, pizzas and pizza crusts too. They even do mail order, check on line! YUMMMPam

There has been a treatment for Celiac Disease for more than 50 years. It is call the Specific Carbohydrate Diet or SCD. It was deeoelpvd by Dr Sidney Haas. It was designed to heal the digestive system by only allowing meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts and homemade yogurt (this is very easy to do). No corn, soy, wheat, or other grains, no sugar (honey is allowed), etc. My family and my sister's family are starting it now and we are already seeing improvements (we have been GF for about a year already it helped, but not enough). My nephew is 3 and celiac or highly sensitive to gluten (horrible skin rash and asthma). My other nephew is 5 with mild skin rashs from gluten. My eldest daughter is 10 and gets skin rashes when she eats gluten. My eldest son is almost 13 and has autistic symptoms, so he has been dairy free for 2 years (He was getting high from the partially digested milk.I had to figure this out myself as his doctor thinks he is fine ). My asthma flares up and my scalp itches when I eat gluten. My youngest son, aged 6, becomes hyper and violent when he eats sugar and carbohydrates.With all of these family members and assorted symptoms, going GF helped to stop further problems, but it cured nothing. We needed a cure, so we searched for answers for months until I came across the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle . We have only been on the diet for 2 weeks now, but I am already impressed. My 3 skinny children are gaining weight, while my husband and I are losing weight without trying. The allergy shiners under the kids eyes have totally faded away (removing gluten reduced them). Their skin color looks healthier. We plan to continue the diet for 12 months and then see how well each person can tolerate gluten again. Although the diet seems very restrictive, it is very healthy. It takes a bit more effort to make meals, it isn't much more difficult than going GF. Let's face the facts the typical American diet is garbage and it is slowing killing us all. Our health is in our own hands. Most doctors don't have a clue about food and how it affects our health, so it is up to us to take charge of the situation and cure this health epidemic through healthy food, not pills.

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Thank you for clarifying with your rerdaes Okanagan Gluten Free Consulting. We take great precautions in making sure CheeCha Puff fans can always tell the difference and there is no chance for cross contamination in our production facility. Simple steps for buying Gluten Free CheeCha Puffs: They are clearly marked Gluten Free on the front of each bag around the CheeCha Puff logo. Also the packaging is different between the two lines where the gluten free flavours are always in a natural colour matte finish bag and our regular Low Fat CheeCha Puffs are always in a brightly coloured glossy bag. So your rerdaes know as well we batch test each batch produced and the test is at 5ppts/million. The North American standard for testing is 20ppts/ million. Feel free to contact us at if anyone has further questions or concerns.Best Regards,Tracey CadrinCadCan Marketing & Sales Inc.

Thanks for hosting this week. Love the fall photo you poestd. That's the way it's looking around here, too. Looks like you, me, and Cheryl are all thinking about white chicken chili this week. Great minds .

Yes it is possible aincrdocg to Dr Green. The damage to the small intestine is not uniform in celiacs and if they got an undamaged sample then that would not show celiac. The other issue is that the DR looking at the sample may not be experienced enough. See if you can get the samples and pictures and reports that were done sent to an experienced GI pathologist maybe connected with one of the primary celiac research schools. Columbia, University of Maryland or Chicago(i think)Given your blood tests and genetics, it seems likely that you have celiac. Do you have any symptoms? If you do and eat gluten free, do the symptoms go away. Talk this over with your parents and doctor to see what the next step should be.

I thought you may like to share some info about a great pizza I found.It came from Cascarino's in Montgomery and it is colmtepe with it's own tray and pizza cutter.This is huge for celiacs.I met the owner last week when I got a pizza, and he was funny because he was trying to explain how important it is not to contaminate the pizza with a pie-cutter that has sliced wheat pizza.I laughed. If only he knew.So, I was happy to have found Cascarino's version of a very good pie.It's the size of a steering wheel, and went for $11.85 total with tax.That's a great price for a gf pizza.I can email a picture to you if you would like.

I have already posted but I'd like to ask for a 2nd finger stick blood test for my mom, as she is the mother and grandmother of my sister and niece. Thanks!

I would be interested in taking the finger stick test for celiac disease. My sister and niece have been diagnosed with celiac disease.

My hu sband and my self are interested in taking part in the finger stick blood test for celiac disease. We have a daughter and granddaughter that heve been diagnosed with celiac disese.

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