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also, less than half of lyme patients ever see a besullye rash. if you do see a rash, that in itself is diagnostically indicative of lyme infection; but you can be infected without ever seeing a rash of any kind.

Gluten is harmful to most pelope and anyone with Celiac should stay far away from it if possible. Who knows what is in this drug? What food companies should do is stop putting gluten in everything and then pelope with Celiac would not have to take this pill. It's ridiculous!

I was just telling my hbnausd this morning that I would love to be able to travel with ease again. Thanks to Celiac, we rent houses, and I cook for the week before and freeze meals that are safe for me to eat. We maybe get to eat out twice depending on where we are vacationing. I would remain gluten free at home, but, oh, the joy at being able to eat without worry. Celiac isn't the worst thing to have, but it would be lovely to be able to dine out easily while traveling. It would also be nice for my family not to be limited in choices thanks to my inferior peptides. Better living through chemistry!

After three years gluten free, I don't even like the taste of goods made with wtheean flours anymore! But I do still love baking..and I'd use these to make shortbread and blondies for some GF friends!

Oh man, I am so sorry It's never okay to ask someone if they're pranengt if you don't know!!! I mean I think your'e right, she probably didn't mean any harm, but man .you can't just ask people if they're pranengt. To answer your question though, I pretty much want to punch my coworker in the face every day.

I'm one of those people who are considered sensitive to gluten. I have symptoms, but I'm not really setting off the tests at least not wildly. One test comes back positive. The other came back negative. Now they want a biopsy. We'll see how that goes. But I will say this, since I've started going gluten free (and it's been a process as I learn more about it), I've been having less and less symptoms. It's amazing that what I thought was IBS for years is actually from my gluten sensitivity.

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